Adult Literacy Tutor Volunteer Job Description

PURPOSE: To help an adult learn to read and write in order to reach personal, family or work goals, participate more fully in community life and take better care of day-to-day needs.

TRAINING: A training program consisting of at least six hours in a tutoring method designed to help volunteers teach effectively and confidently. In addition to the initial orientation, you may observe a partner tutor, participate in online group discussions or online classes, and/or view or training videos. There will be an in-service meeting after you’ve gotten started to address any problems or questions that arise during your initial sessions.

PLACE:  The library or another public location mutually satisfactory to the student and  tutor.

HOURS: Tutors design their own schedules. Twice per week works best if it is possible  for you and your student. One option for schedule challenges is to work with a  partner tutor who would meet your student on a second day of the week.

DUTIES:  1. Provide encouragement and support by:

a. Showing acceptance by listening to what your student has to say and demonstrating personal concern.
b. Encouraging the student to respond to difficult materials by being supportive rather than critical.
c. Helping the student develop a positive attitude toward learning by providing tasks he or she is able to perform.
d. Doing frequent checkups and talking with your student frequently about goals and his or her outlook on progress toward them.
e. Meeting regularly and punctually.
f. Being well-prepared for each lesson.

2. Help student organize their learning using their notebook/binder or a    folder at the library.
3. Report the number of hours spent tutoring at the end of each month    or changes in the status of a student or tutor (address, phone, etc.).

QUALIFICATIONS: Must be an adult (18 and over), dependable and prompt, interested in others and able to relate to them, respectful of confidentiality, flexible, friendly, pleasant, patient, and optimistic. A sense of humor is very helpful.

FRINGE BENEFITS: Tutor reunions with fellow tutors for support and additional training, increased understanding of values, lifestyles and customs, a broadened imagination for creative problem-solving, and the satisfaction of helping an adult learn an important life skill.

Literacy Program Facts

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