Literacy Program Facts

When do tutoring sessions start?
We will contact you to set up your first session after you have completed training. We will use the preferences you indicated on your registration form including days, time and location to make an assignment.

How many students will I be meeting with?
Most tutors meet with students individually in order to ensure that students receive help at their point of need. However, working with two or more students also works well if the students are at the same level and have similar schedule availability.

What about the students?
Students can come from almost any walk of life and any cultural background. Most read between 0 to the equivalent of a fifth grade level, with the equivalent of second or third grade level being average.

Where will I meet them?
Most tutors meet at the library. Check with a librarian to reserve a meeting room, but be sure to do this in advance to help prevent scheduling conflicts. If a room is not available at the library, we can help you locate another public place to meet.

Is there a charge for training and books?
NO, this is a service provided by Harris County public libraries and is free to tutors and students.

How do I obtain books?
Once you are matched with a student we will supply the books appropriate to the student’s level.

• You may keep your teacher’s manual as long as needed but please return it when you are finished (it is fine to make notes or to highlight in it).
• Workbooks are designed for students’ individual use. Most may be written in and kept by the students.
• Additional are available for checkout. It is best to encourage your students to check these out on their own card so they are responsible for returning them.
• If you need to copy just a few pages, you can use the library copy machine at no charge.

It’s easy to get a library card. In general, all that is needed is some form of ID with a current name and address. A variety of library resources, from basic computer classes to easy books for adults, may also be of interest to you and your student. Please ask a librarian for more information regarding these resources.

What type of paperwork will I be required to do?
Just a minimum. At the end of each month, you will fill out an attendance sheet which indicates how many times and the total number of hours your students have met during the month and any achievements using reading and writing in their own lives.

Thank you for volunteering as a tutor in the library’s adult literacy program. If you have additional questions, please ask any staff member for assistance, or call:

For more information, contact the Literacy Services Specialist.